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318is muffler banging

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    318is muffler banging

    Greetings all,

    I just started driving my 318is again after a year of having it in storage.

    While driving i could heard the muffler banging around. <It sounds like im dragging some wedding cans.
    Stopped and took a look. It seems like itīs touching the left side of the rear valence.
    It has always been close to but never touching.
    Any one else have this happen them ? What was your solution?
    My new E34 525i Sport Limousine Blog

    One of the rubber exhaust hangers is prolly just snapped. You can buy them from auto parts shops.


      Had same issue. My heat shield above the muffler had lost a couple of the nuts that keep it in place. The dangling heat shield along with old exhaust hangers were causing the issue. I could actually grab my tailpipe and manually cause the rattle.

      Hard a hard time finding the heat shield nuts but eventually found at the junkyard.

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