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    dyno graphs?

    im curious to see dyno graphs of m20 turbo builds but have only found a handful.

    anybody know of any graphs of a turbo build using the revshift twin scroll setup? im wondering how low the m20 can build torque using a twin scroll setup and smallish turbo. that or twin turbos

    for example the kamotors canyon crusher dyno graph seems so peaky to me, doesn't build strong boost or power till almost 5k rpms

    I don't have a dyno graph because I haven't been to a dyno yet, but here's a 3rd gear pull from my roughly street tuned setup. You can definitely do better than the CC kit from kamotors, but it depends on how much you want to spend. His kit is really affordable. My setup makes peak boost at 3500 rpm and will definitely make more if I can get my control loop to safely stabilize, but the turbo and manifold alone cost more than his entire kit.

    Turbo: EFR 7163 w/ 0.80 Twinscroll wastgated Turbine Housing
    Manifold: Rapidspool custom twin scroll 321SS
    Engine: Stock M20B25 w/ ARP Head Studs
    ECU: MS3X

    My plan will be to try for 16-18 psi once my buddy gets his dyno up and running.
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      This was my old setup.

      Twin scroll manifold with a bw256 with a .75 a/r housing.

      One day I'll get a graph of my new setup. Not much more lag and has a lot pontential but it doesn't drop after 5k like that setup did.

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        thanks to both of you guys for your examples. seems like its safe to say the power band tends to start around 3500 on a good twin scroll setup which is pretty good. 25psi to hit 400 is interesting to know as well.


          If you're building a track car, with this kind of setup you should never be out of boost for long. Even with worst case gearing (4.11) and short shifting at 6krpm, 2-3 shift will put you at 4krpm, well into your powerband. (I'm ignoring 1-2 because 1st gear is useless)



            final pull before hg leak. more like what I would expect to see with a cheaper setup and rather large turbo. wastegate only, this graph for some reason shows only 8 psi while the log from that run shows 198kpa, 13ish psi

            Click image for larger version

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            I would love it to build boost sooner but it makes for a decent ride when just cruising through town, maybe next year hahaha