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E30 316 slow cranking problem, also no start at this stage.

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    E30 316 slow cranking problem, also no start at this stage.

    Hi guys As stated above my car is cranking very slowing een when being jumped.
    Some history:
    Car was overheating very frequently so I eventually pulled the head and the gasket blew in a small spot so I replaced the hg and the timing chain + the guide and stuff. After assembly the car would only start if i poured fuel down the carb. The fuel pump on the head was paste so I put in a aftermarket fuel pump(electric) and the carb caught fire briefly.
    Long story short.
    Do I need a regulator or return to tank hose and is there any opinions on the slow cranking.
    I don't want to swap the engine for a 6 cylinder because I quite like the m10 engine.

    Edit: I am also quite fond of the carburetor, although I would swap it out for a 36dcd in a heartbeat.

    I am no mechanical expert but from my experience, engine turning over slow, weak battery or bad starter, my friend's car had low compression also used to do this.
    Jumping really doesn't help if you using cheap cables and another weak battery!!!!!

    These electric pumps draw power alot similar to a bridged fan.

    Regarding the electrical pump I helped another friend put one in his golf mk1 and we used a low pressure unit, car has factory carb and he tuned it himself runs fine I don't recall using a regulator.

    Maybe someone with more experience will chime in or check the 2002forum those guys have some of the best M10 builds I have seen.
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      I also second dying starter or battery.

      Don't forget to check all you wiring and grounds! Consider using your jumper cables from the engine block or intake manifold to the negative on the battery and see if it improves. If you have room, attempt the positive on the starter to the positive on the battery at the same time to preliminarily rule out bad wiring. The real test for this is voltage drop during cranking, if you have access to a multimeter

      edit: also make sure your cylinders are not full of fuel! The attempt to start could have flooded the cylinders, potentially contributing to hard starting, since fluid will not compress
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        Checked your ignition timing? if its too advanced it will crank slow and might not start.


          The battery is fine but the starter sounds fed up with life haha. I have my battery in the golf and it works fine. Plus it keeps the bat alive. Funny thing is we towed it over the weekend and I tried to bump start it and it backfired a lot and very loudly so I gues timing is an issue.