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    RHD ITB Filter Question

    I've seen a few threads referencing this topic, but most of them seem to stem from the one dyno test that was done years ago as the kit was being developed. I'm curious what the current consensus is on socks v. airbox from anyone with firsthand experience.

    I've been running some ramair socks, but want something with a bigger flow area that connects the throttles and a nice way to mount an IAT sensor. I like the RHD option, but have some concerns. One one hand, I could see it making that side of the engine difficult to work on. It also looks like a pretty decent job to remove/install it if I needed to, and finally I've heard it makes them a bit quieter.

    I was kind of curious and reached out to ITG about a custom sausage style filter. I haven't heard of anyone ever looking at these and was wondering if there was a reason for that? They said they could make a custom one for a price comparable to the airbox, and it would be easier to remove as it is secured with 6x 1/4 turn fasteners. It seems like this would solve all of my problems listed above, but I haven't had any actual experience with them. It seems like the biggest downside would be a potential for increase intake air temp, but the RHD airbox just uses a cone filter in the engine bay albiet it is mounted further forward.
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    The RHD airbox isn't too difficult to remove, so working on the engine isn't much harder. The sandwiched metal backing plate does block some access. The airbox points right at the ABS/factory airbox mount though, so if you still have both of those in place fitting a filter is very difficult.

    It also quiets down the intakes a ton, so much that you have a hard time hearing them in the car.


      I did a bit of research back when I put mine on, the socks appear to not flow as well especially if they are oiled as intended. A plenum will be your best option but it does unfortunately muffle that beautiful noise 8^(

      I would consider just using the RHD plenum as it fits and works and is brake booster friendly.

      For my project I used a AA S54 plenum, not an optimal plenum but is boost friendly, I am currently working with another one 8^)

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        The RHD airbox is a tight fit i know a few guys that had to do a whole bunch of mods in the early days. the latest revision probably fits better than earlier ones though and depends on your engine mounts. i would forget about any kind of foam sock filters there is no real space to have any filter on the ends of the trumpets that dont impinge on the bellmouth area as they are too close to the hood/bonnet when its closed. the ramair and itg twin foam filters used to get squashed a bit when you use the longest runners possible.

        the driving differences between an airbox/cone vs socks was night and day in my case. the airbox gains a bit of power over open trumpets and sockets lose about 6-8% which is 1/3-1/2 of the gains from the whole setup
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