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E30 m52 3.0 stroker

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    E30 m52 3.0 stroker

    Hey guys i just picked up a 328is for 500$ from a friend with 105k miles, I've heard about 3.0 stroker kits, I've done a little bit of browsing and don't see any kits for sale so idk if i have to source my own parts or what. Im sure this has been posted about before but i can't find a normal thread about it. If anyone has any info on it please let me know. Im having an extremely hard time finding info about this specific kit.

    I'm like 100% sure if you google M50 3.0 Stroker the M54b30 rotating assembly recipe will come up. Anyways I'd do a high compression 2.8 instead. M52b28 crank and rods with M50tu pistons and S52 cams and S52 injectors with a tune. Probably cost less than a 3.0 stoker and make more power while you're at it.
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