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M30 with Getrag 265/6 - Slave Cylinder PN?

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    M30 with Getrag 265/6 - Slave Cylinder PN?

    Hey all, I tried to start my car yesterday and the clutch pedal went straight to floor... got underneath and noticed a nice pool of brake fluid under the transmission. Guessing it's time for my slave cylinder to be replaced...

    Can someone confirm that this is the right part for me?

    I have an M30B35 (e32) mated to a Getrag 265/6 (I believe based on having a removable bell housing). Cross referencing the above part number (21521157212) seems to match the cars that this transmission could have come from, but I was hoping that someone could give me the A-OK there.

    Two other questions:

    1. Is it worth it going for the $100 OEM part vs the $20 Febi/URO?
    2. Stupid, but, do I remove this rubber nipple before installation?

    Thanks in advance all

    1. All the slaves are the same, I have the same setup and I think I'm using an m20 slave.
    2. It doesn't matter, it's like the rubber nipples on your calipers.

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