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E30 diesel swap

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    E30 diesel swap

    Hello ! Firstly I want to apologize in advance if I posted this into the wrong section or if this was posted before . I got this crazy idea this days of swapping my regular 1.6 liter engine from my E30 with a diesel engine from e46 . More exactly with M47TUD20 . My question is if that is possible ?! In fact what i actually need to buy beside the engine ? Idk , if you guys got the knowledge on how to do that or what i need to buy , to modify please tell me ! Any advice is good ! Here where i live isn't a common thing to do what i want to do and the forums are kinda dead or nobody is willing to help .. Ty !

    I think I've seen a M51 done before, but thats it. I don't know how much help you'll get on here since diesels are very uncommon in North America.
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      My brother inlaw had an e39 525tds with the M51 in it, and it was a great car. Would be excellent in an e30, around the same power as a 323i, but much more torque. In the e39, he used to cruise at 80mph and get 43mpg, so the economy should be pretty good in a lightweight e30.

      Anyway - here's some guy in the UK who did one:

      The M51 from an e34 would be front sump, so bolting it in would be the same as an M50 swap - then you'd need to deal with the wiring and fuel system.

      With the M47, you'd have a rear sump, so either fabrication would be needed, or you could try to fit an M42 sump and oil pickup? The timing chain is at the back of the engine I think on those, so probably little chance of the M42 sump working.

      Anyway - could be doable, but it's a pretty undocumented swap so you'd be largely on your own.
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