It's had been about 6 months since I've been out of the E30 game,and was searching for a project. Then this turd came into my life.

A relatively rust free 87 eta auto sedan for $600 with a rebuilt title.

The previous owner told us the trans was slipping and from the puddle of trans oil under it I could believe it. To my amazement we drove it home without an issue, until we did brake stand burn outs till the trans failed for the last time. The car came with some goodies including raceland coilovers and a crack free dash.
Needless to say it felt good to be back behind the wheel of an E30.
I was planning on doing an engine swap for this project, my last E30 I swapped in a M60B40 with a ZF320 5 speed, which was a riot.I have always grown up with BMWs in my family, most powered by M30s. While I liked the more modern BMW engines, I longed for the loud valve tick and simple design of a M30 that I was so familiar with.
A quick ISO post on R3vlimited on Facebook I had me a complete M30B35 swap for $700. The sale included a M30B35 from a 1988 735i with a Getrag 240 from a 1984 E30 and all associated hardware which I will post later.

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