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M30 E30 official roll call thread

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    M30 E30 official roll call thread

    Have you completed an M30 conversion in your E30? Are you knee-deep in the conversion?
    Register yourself here. This way you will know who to bounce ideas off of!

    I will start:

    87 335is

    Location: Portland OR
    M30B35 (from 88 635csiA)
    Euro M635 lightweight flywheel (85 M635)
    Getrag 280 transmission (88 M5)
    Shift linkage, unsure, came out of parts bin.
    Modified E36 M3 driveshaft (98 M3)
    3.46 LSD (from 87 635csiA)
    Motor Mounts, Home made, and going into production.
    Joe Funk -- Portland Oregon
    That Guy.
    03 X5. 3 liter obviously.

    I'm gathering parts.
    '86 325es

    3.5 M30 from an '86 535i
    JBR flywheel 8.5#
    G265 transmission (E12 5er)
    stock 2.93 LSD (original)

    need motor mounts, and a driveshaft when the time comes.
    I will be asking LOTS of ?'s.
    Hope I can start early June.
    Slicktop City!


      Location: Portland OR
      1 1988 335is turbo

      2 1987 335is
      -1990 m30b35-getrag 260-3:25LSD-H&R cupkit white

      3 1986 335is

      4 1991 335is turbo
      Under construction
      -same parts as the 88 335isturbo
      -full cage (NHRA SPEC)

      5 Veary first project was 1985 335i no ABS
      lots of broken parts.
      test car no pics just out of high school I must have tried every diff for the e30
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      1986 335is-1988 335ist -1991 335istsigpic


        under construction 87 325iS with 91 735iL m30b35, and e34 5 spd tranny. Just waiting to do wiring and bodywork :)
        01 325Ci
        87 325iS w/ M30B35 swap


          1984 325e
          M90B35 Euro 635CSi big bore, short stroke engine
          Getrag 265
          3.25 LSD
          IE stage 3/Koni
          Euroweave 15s/BFG KDWs
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            87 325
            92 M30B35 from 92 735i

            Pretty much it for now:(
            Originally posted by cabriodster87
            "Honey? What color is this wire? Is it the same as that one? Are you sure? I don't believe it. OK, it works. Thank you sweetie."
            Originally posted by Kershaw
            i've got a boner and a desire to speed.


              Location : Nottingham, UK
              E30 325 Touring in Malachite
              M30b35 and g/box from my old E34
              Z3 1.9 quick shift linkage
              New E28 535 fly wheel and clutch
              Custom/chopped prop
     engine mounts( P3 )
              E30 M3 Scorpion exhaust with chopped E34 down pipes
              E32 dual speed air con cooling fan with E28 535 radiator
              E28 535 bottom rad hose
              E34 535 top rad hose
              3.64LSD with Z3M diff bush (i want a 3.46)
              Spax suspension
              Offset M3 TCA bushes
              Various engine mods
              On(and off :-) ) the road since Nov 2004


                1984 320i 4dr

                m30b35 from 92' 735i
                G225 from 79' 732

                e28 radiator
                custom headers and driveshaft.


                  Location: Victorville/Pomona CA

                  86 325es
                  e34 535i M30
                  e32 735i M/T Harness
                  e32 735i 5 speed
                  Custom Motor Mount Brackets
                  Alpina B6 Oil Canister
                  E30 M3 Oil Cooler
                  E30 M3 Driveshaft
                  E28 535i Radiator
                  E28 535i Shift Linkage
                  M Roadster 3.23 Diff
                  Currently building Dual 3" Exhaust

                  I have some pics on my cardomain :)
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                  '86 E30
                  '05 E53 X5
                  '72 Firebird
                  '10 Prius
                  '03 Tundra


                    Turbo huh???
                    Originally posted by bmw335isturbo View Post
                    Location: Portland OR
                    1 1988 335is turbo

                    2 1987 335is
                    -1990 m30b35-getrag 260-3:25LSD-H&R cupkit white

                    3 1986 335is

                    4 1991 335is turbo
                    Under construction
                    -same parts as the 88 335isturbo
                    -full cage (NHRA SPEC)

                    5 Veary first project was 1985 335i no ABS
                    lots of broken parts.
                    test car no pics just out of high school I must have tried every diff for the e30


                      location- Vancouver B.C

                      87' 325is

                      status- next weekend
                      89 e32 735
                      get. 260 5 speed
                      e28 driveshaft
                      325 e driveshaft
                      mark d. chip
             motor mounts
                      stock 3.73 lsd
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                      M stands for Money:hitler:


                        86 325es

                        85 e28 m30
                        getrag 265 tranny
                        e34 oil pan and pump
                        used e28 rad
                        2.93 LSD
                        ireland engineering motor mouts

                        Waiting for money for:
                        - new clutch/flywheel
                        - driveshaft shortening
                        Photoshop by O 16581 72452 5


                          1. Short stroke 335i ,
                          Housed in a 320i ´88 , was my first M30 swap,
                          Motronic 1.3 conversion,
                          M10 transmission,
                          320i ´88 driveshaft,
                          Spec Stage III M10 clutch,
                          3.73 LSD ,

                          Was an awesome plaything,

                          I´m doing one right now for a guy.
                          Here is the mod list .

                          Suspension :
                          THR CAB´s
                          Koni shocks front
                          Alko shocks in back
                          KW thin wire race springs. 475/515lbs

                          Wheels and tires :
                          CR7 "17x8.5
                          CR7 "17x9.5

                          Drivetrain :
                          BMW 320i manual driveshaft
                          BMW 318i M10 transmission
                          Spec Stage III 215mm clutch
                          lightened M10 flywheel (6kg´s cirka)

                          Engine configuration :
                          M90/M30 B35 call it what you want but it´s a short stroke 3.5 ´80
                          ´91 B35 Cam
                          ´91 Front timing wheel and sensor
                          ´91 distributor setup
                          ´94 M3 Variable TPS
                          ´91 E32 Oil pan and pickup
                          ´80 287cc B35 Injectors

                          Oil Catch Tank setup.
                          Custom Exhaust Dual "2.25 into a Stock E30 M3 rear muffler,
                          E28 Radiator
                          Electric fan
                          Poly Motor mounts
                          Head is completely reconditioned

                          Engine management :
                          XMS V3 Standalone
                          Semi Sequental injection
                          30 AMP Ignition amplifier feeding a stock coil,
                          Wideband with closed loop options,
                          Fuel is TPS vs RPM vs MAP.

                          If everything turns out well it should crank out more then 230hp and hopefully 330nm´s,

                          Pics :

                          @ Prodrive / Aston Martin Racing


                            Nice dish, do you have any engine bay pic's up?


                              E30 - 1988 325 super eta

                              3.5L M30B35 from 1989 735i: Position 2 1/2
                              New distributor cap/rotor
                              Complete 3"-2.5" exhaust w/ free flow cat
                              Magnaflow 14833 square tipped muffler
                              Custom E30M30 engine mount brackets
                              E28 535i radiator
                              E32 8mm Ignition wires

                              E36 1995 M3 steering rack (3 turns L-L)
                              E36 1995 M3 tie rods
                              New reservior, HP hose

                              JBR 8.5# lighter lightweight flywheel
                              UUC PO clutch kit >490 lb-ft capacity
                              E28 535i 5 speed transmission
                              Re-manufactured Driveshaft
                              S3.25 Differential
                              S.S.K. 40% reduced throw
                              E30 hard rubber tranny mounts
                              Polyurethane motor mounts

                              H&R sport springs
                              Bilstein sport shocks
                              New upper shock bearings F/R
                              New wheel bearings F/R
                              Front shock tower brace bavauto
                              Suspension techniques ASB kit 22/19mm F/R
                              New front sway bar links
                              Powerflex urethane rear subframe bushings
                              New trailing arm urethane bushings
                              New control arms - hard rubber bushings

                              TMS cross drilled rotors
                              Axxis ultimate ceramic pads
                              4 Stainless steel lines
                              Amber high temp brake fluid

                              Jline 17x8 20RL2 wheels F/R ET: 20/15mm
                              Dunlop sp sport FM901 215/40ZR17 tires
                              89+ bumper swap
                              M-tech II Rear spoiler (lower half)
                              Zender sideskirts
                              'is lip front spoiler
                              Shadowline trim

                              BMW E30 black sport leather seats
                              Rear seat headrests
                              Rearview mirror with maplights
                              Center armrest
                              ///M technic II alcantara 360mm steering wheel
                              ///M pedal set w/ dead pedal and knobs
                              Custom alcantara boots with ///M stitching
                              A-pillar gauge pod with turbo and A/F ratio gauges
                              Aluminum gauge rings

                              All red taillights
                              Angel eyes headlights w/ eyebrows
                              Lamin-x headlight/foglight covers
                              Mcollough HID headlights kit 8000k
                              Smoked front turn signals
                              Brand new fog lights OEM
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