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M42 Won't Idle, Some Backfiring [EDIT: Photo Dump Of Broken Stuff]

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    Originally posted by jwal View Post
    Seems like it would be better to look into aftermarket or custom made dampers for that price.
    Originally posted by bmwman91 View Post
    Possibly. This is such a critical component, both for engine reliability/longevity and fundamental ECU operation that it is definitely not worth using anything that is not of the same quality as OEM though. A custom one that was properly engineered would probably cost $500-1000.
    I had a nightmare of a time diagnosing my no start issue, to the tune of 2+ months (it's not my daily so it wasn't extremely critical), but it ended up being the damper. There's a thread floating around here from 2017 describing my process, it sucked.
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    Originally posted by RickSloan
    so if you didnt get it like that did you glue fuzzy oil to the entire thing?