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strange stalling warm start

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    strange stalling warm start

    just started a couple weeks ago, my car will die after I start it after it's been running for a bit (running in to the store), I have to keep a little bit of throttle when it's idling or it will stall out. However after driving for like 5 minutes, the stalling is gone when I come to a stoplight or stuck in traffic. It also never stalls out after first starting it in the morning. I'm gonna go and smoke test it today after work for vac leaks and spray down the ICV with some throttle cleaner, but if those aren't it, any ideas?
    1991 318is ---230K - DD
    1991 318i ---- 308K - retired

    Originally posted by RickSloan
    so if you didnt get it like that did you glue fuzzy oil to the entire thing?

    you could have the hot start wire connected on the firewall