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Trans vibration (not driveshaft)

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    Trans vibration (not driveshaft)

    I have an 87' IS 5- speed and I started off on a slow roll in 2nd gear last night very gently and all of a sudden I have a new vibration which seems to be coming from in my trans. Not sure if it's related. It's right around 2-3k rpm and happens in neutral or in gear. At these revs. Also happens in reverse when riding the clutch to slowly back up. Clutch is new but seems like something broke. Still works and isn't an issue for driving but about to take it on a two thousand mile round trip and ├╝ber paranoid.
    1987 E30 325is (5-Speed)
    2006 E83 X3 M-Sport (Slush)
    2010 E90 328 X-Drive MSport (Slush)

    Could it be the clutch pressure plate?
    The straps in those can break, and then you get
    a vibration at speed...

    I've never been an expert on telling where exactly a vibe is coming from-
    how are you telling it's from the trans, and not, say, the guibo?

    Just because transmissions grind, whine, howl, pop- but very seldom vibrate...

    now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves


      Did you resurface the flywheel? Is the center support in good shape? Pre-loaded on install?

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