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Silva Rear Subframe Conversion

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    Silva Rear Subframe Conversion

    Since i started drifting my e30 i have always been fighting the cars setup in the rear, posi lock camber and toe kit, raised subframe i tried nearly everything to try get myself to 0 camber and be able to adjust toe to dial in grip where i needed it. after 2 years of chasing my tail with the bmw rear end i picked up a s13 rear subframe pretty cheap that also come with a whole lot of hard race components.

    i sat the subframe on a jack and lifted it up into the rear of the car and i had 300 ideas running through my head on how i was going to go about this.
    1. i keep the e30 chassis rails and add mounting points (this would have been the easy option as it would have been quite simple but me being me wanted the car to have perfect arm and axle angle when the cars slammed pretty much a street sweeper.
    2.make the car be able to crazy low and all the geometry be perfect.
    i went with option two so out come the 9 inch and i cut everything from the rear fire wall back out and after that hour going crazy with the grinder i sat back with a beer and released i aint turning back now..... tad daunting

    i decided i would modify the s13 subframe front mounts to meet the e30 standard subframe mounts as they are the sole mounts for the e30 rear end and must be pretty structural, i made up a jig that made sure the center of the hub and the front mounting points are the same distance as the e30 ones so that my wheel would be in the center of the wheel arch. i then went ahead and used some 3mm plate and angle to fill in the gaps, i went overkill with this but better be to strong than too weak.

    Once this was done i was able to lift the subframe up into the rear mounting studs and hold it in place with jack stands

    From here i started to make some new rear chassis rails to hold the rear mounts for the subframe. first off i ran some 50x50x3 (this is what its all made from) cross ways across and stitched this into the last section of factory rail what was left after cutting it up, i then ran plates on either side that are welded to the ends of the rhs and down into the factory rails and also another smaller sections on top of the factory rails inder the rear seat and back to my cross rail i had added

    Next was to add the rear frame section, i had the subframe sitting in position and just made a frame that will tie into my my roll cage legs and also meet the rear mounting points for the subframe

    i went on and bent up a bar to protect my fuel cell and also welded in the rollcage legs, i then tightened up the front mounting points and threw a ratchet strap around the rear and lowered it down to see how it it will sit.

    My next job is to machine up some threaded lugs to we welded into the rear bar of the chassis rails i made to be able to bolt up the rear mounts on the subframe, after that i have to make some coilover mounts and that will see this project complete!

    if there is anything i missed or certain photos you would like to see just let me know! :D

    Any updates on this?