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M52 + E46 330i ZF 6-speed clutch options

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    M52 + E46 330i ZF 6-speed clutch options

    Hello everyone.

    Currently purchasing parts to swap a 330i 6-speed transmission to my M52 swapped E30. Looking at several clutch options, both OEM and aftermarket. I was wondering if anyone can confirm that this setup would work:

    -JB racing E36 M3 flywheel
    -Zionsville 6-speed pilot bearing adapter (or similar)
    -E36 M3 pressure plate
    -E46 330i 6-speed friction disk (with 22 spline hub)
    -E46 330i clutch slave cylinder
    -E46 330i throw out bearing

    I would like to go this route (if possible) due to cost, no SAC, no dual mass flywheel, and stock-like pedal effort. I know E46 330i specific flywheels exist, but I am not sure if they are compatible with the E36 pressure plate, which is non-SAC. All E46 330i OEM pressure plates are SAC from what I can tell. Aftermarket clutches do exist, but they are expensive, have a heavy pedal feel, and are not necessary with stock M52 power.

    What you propose makes sense.

    The thing to check is to make sure that the stack height of the E36 parts is close to the E46, so that the slave actuation will work.

    If you need, I can get the E46 number from the parts on the garage floor in the next coupla days.
    But I don't know the E36 dimension.

    now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves