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Nissan CD009 Transmission: E30 Clutch Master Options

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    Nissan CD009 Transmission: E30 Clutch Master Options


    My 1JZ + 6 Speed e30 project is nearing mechanical completion in that it currently runs and drives. An issue that I'm trying to overcome is the somewhat incompatible proportions of the stock e30 master cylinder vs the Nissan CD009 slave cylinder. The CD009 is running a stage 4 (600ft/lb) clutch via an adapted flywheel to the Toyota 1JZ.

    I have a clutch pedal, but it is very very firm and isn't conducive to subtle modulation. It'll be the death of me in traffic. Having been through the system, I have concluded that it is a matter of disproportionate master and slave sizing.

    Has anyone adapted a Wilwood (or similar) master cylinder to mount within the stock location under the dash? I think a simple bracket off of the existing 2 bolting points should position something in an appropriate spot. I don't want to go with a pedal box at this point as I'm happy with everything else.

    If anyone has any photos/references, please share them.


    Larger diameter slave would slow the pedal down and make it lighter as well.