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M60 non power steering belt set-up

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    There are couple of different size pulleys available for M60, as well as two different length belts in the first place...

    Easy to mix them all up :)
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      Mine ended up being a bad tensioner assembly. I replaced the tensioner and I have no more noise.



        Originally posted by dirty30 View Post
        Thought I would post this here for anyone not running power steering.

        Belt: 7PK 1388
        Tensioner: Stock M60 drive belt tensioner
        Pulleys: Remove larger "idler" and replace with a second tensioner pulley (11281731220 x2)

        Belt routing:

        You're done!!
        Hey guys
        Firstly let me say I am no expect on mechanical things ,just learning slowly as I go.....if I never owned an e30 I probably would never been doing what I do now days. That said I was wondering is it possible to run the belt like in my attached picture. I don't understand how these tensioners work all I know it keeps the belt tight in place.
        Hope someone will chime in.......
        Also I couldn't find a 7k 1388 belt that everyone uses closest I got was a 6k 1390.
        Spare shop guy say it will run strong because its a heavy duty dayco belt.

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          On my previous M60 I ended up swapping the lower smooth pulley out for a grooved pulley and ran the belt under the pulley, in my mind this allowed the tensioner to apply downward force like original.

          However on my recent M62/M60 build I did like yours, belt above smooth pulley and figure I have problems I can change it around later.


            OK thanks Mykk I some how never notice your belt setup in your thread, I think I was to busy drooling at your engine build lol amazing stuff there. Will give it a go and see what happens looking at firing the motor up month end, will post back if all goes well.