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Frank Macaluso's E30S62 Swap Thread

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    Frank Macaluso's E30S62 Swap Thread

    Please reference this build thread for my original E30 M60.
    Please reference this final thread for the completed E30M60.

    Allow me to introduce you to the S62 E30 swap build thread. Id like to be completed with the swap by early July, but well see.

    Since there is an M60 in there already, a lot of the hard stuff is already done. Brakes, Transmission, Driveshaft, Shifter. All done. I need to do significant updates to the electric, intake, coolant tank.

    Thanks to Adem Ergen at Ergen Motorsports (Facebook Page too!) aka TURK on R3V, he now has my ECU and is reflashing it and adding AlphaN for a few extra horses. Why you ask? Well, its nice to boost the Crank HP up past the 400 mark, yes. But Im doing it for a more important reason. AlphaN removes the need to have MAFs. The S62 requires 2 of them. One on the pass side and one on the driver side. As you know, I have no room on the driver side, so AlphaN removed both MAFs and converts one to an AIT (Air Intake Temp) sensor, which is already built in to the driver side MAFs. Adem will also provide me with a dedicated AIT and wiring so that I dont even have to use the MAF at all. Just use the AIT and install it in the intake line far away from the hot hot radiator.

    In the meantime, I am waiting until Gutenfest to do any teardown, so Ive been taking the past week to learn all of the wiring diagrams and studying the excel spreadsheets that Adem Ergen sent me.

    Here are a few pics of the engine teardown

    And this is Jake!!

    This car will be fully OBD2 Functional

    I will have an integrated E30 sport button hacked up from an E30 Fog Light switch. Still in the works.

    After Gutenfest, I will begin removing the drivetrain and sorry guys. M60s already been sold! The Complete exhaust setup including headers is still for sale! $400. Will not ship.

    Heres the plan - Schedule from Sunday May 19 to July 4

    Exhaust will be completely redone from my M60 version. This will 4-2-1 into dual 2.5 exhaust. Currently, my M60 swap has dual 2.25 exhaust, so this will open it up a bit.
    Electric Keeping complete OBD2 Functionality dont know where I want the plug yet. Sport button to be installed and be 100% functional. Fly by wire using the S62 potentiometer and adapting it to fit either on the E30 pedal or using the existing cable to operate the pot in the engine bay.
    Fuel Using an in-tank Bosch 044 with sock and all. Can handle plenty of 400hp.
    Driveshaft Using my already modified E30 Front/E34 rear
    Shifter Using my currently shortened shifter brace and the UUC SSK Setup I have.
    Differential Currently I have 3.15. I will be going to 2.93, of course 25% LSD. I have plans to eventually go to 2.79.
    Air Intake The S62 has 2 independent intake plenums. I must convert this to 1 somehow. Carbon Fiber? Using the AIT sensor to operate the lack of one from the MAFs, since I will not be using MAFs.
    Engine Holder Using the ones I bought from that I used for the M60 swap. Same exact parts for the similar block.
    Motor Oil Man, I am getting raped here! I bought 7 quarts of Castrol 10W60 TWS at $18/quart! Recommended by BMW, so thats what Im doing!
    Transmission Keeping the 6 speed from my 540i.
    Transmission brace E30 Brace modified to adapt to E30 Chassis.
    Brakes Removing ABS Keeping the brake booster as is since I modified it for my M60 swap. Doing a thorough inspection, however.
    Core support Making it removable for easy installation and repair if need be. I will be beefing it up with additional Cross Members for added support.
    Air Conditioning Im keeping the AC working like it is on my current M60 swap.

    Stay tuned next week for updates on the tear down. Ill continue to wait on Adem for the ECU, which hes hard-at-work on!

    One question I have for the group is relative to Tachometer. I have a SGI-8 Dakota Digital Tach unit for the conversion from 6cyl to 8cyl, but my concern is that I want my Tach to look and behave like an E30 M3 tachaka rev to 8krpm, like the S62 does.
    I first need the fascia for that, but I need to figure out how to get it calibrated to run to 8k. Do I really need the actual M3 Tach? Or just the coding Plug P/N 62111381699??

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    Check out this E36 N54 Swap Build

    DUDE. Now I HAVE to do the S62! Subscribed!

    See you at GFest!

    PS- only the early build date S62's need 10w60. Its like march or may of 00' if I recall. Everything after that takes 5w30. If it were my engine I'd probably just use the 10w60 for peace of mind though.


      Iam planing on the same swap but for my e24 m635 euro. Do you know if their is any available custom mounts and such, parts for it? Cant find anything, might have to make my own parts..

      Very nice proyect all the best with it :)


        I like where this is going Frank!

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          I'm loving this! Sub'd.


            So in other words you'll be beating Brandon.

            Looks like an awesome recipe. Good luck sub'd

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              I have been waiting for this since Brandon mentioned it.

              Now I have to come to Bimmerfest East this year!
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                Originally posted by ak- View Post
                So in other words you'll be beating Brandon.

                Looks like an awesome recipe. Good luck sub'd
                Just sold my 2002s and the m30 manifold is getting made next week. The race is still a toss up.

                Awesome build Frank, this is really the only way to 1+ an m60 swap. Unless you twin turbo an m60...
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                  Nice dude! Frank - wish you were closer so I could get the exhaust from you! It probably wouldn't work here in CA, but I am sure it would save me time in terms of cutting/welding one up.
                  Mtech1 v8 build thread -

                  OEM v8 manual chip or dme -


                    Curious to see how it works out. I've got 2 S62s waiting to go into E30s probably this fall. Going with a stock tune though. I live in the mountains where temps and altitude can change on a mountain drive in minutes and I've been told that AlphaN is not designed for that kind of driving.

                    Recently tore down 2 other S62s that were badly beat up in rollovers so I have lots of odds and ends if you need anything.

                    Just make sure those timing chain guide rails are fresh before the drop in. ;)


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                        Awesome project! Could you just run two intake pipes to a larger airbox on the passenger side? That may be easier than a custom plenum.

                        With alpha-N, you don't need a plenum at all, just run some sweet velocity stacks with foam filters on each. I don't know how well alpha-n will work on a street car though, how often do you drive this car?


                          Saw this engine on Instagram. Subscribing.
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                            Really think about Alpha-N though. I would figure out how to make the MAF's work if I was going to drive the car a lot. Alpha-N works fine for a race car, but it's the most simplistic fuel and spark control method. It doesn't monitor airflow or manifold pressure, making part throttle and idle not nearly as smooth.
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                              Finally an s62 in the states! This is epic!
                              Keep us informed man!
                              Already in for updates!

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