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E30 S62 Swap: fitment and other fun stuff

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    E30 S62 Swap: fitment and other fun stuff

    Hey everyone I'm doin a V8 swap and had some pics to share maybe it could help someone out there, please comment. A little about my swap..

    1989 325i auto sedan
    S62 and 6 speed trans going in using Macalent guide
    Garagistic motor mounts and 20mm spacers, Revshift 95A Polyurethane bushings.
    5 lug swapped with E36 M3 front brakes Z3 rears, 96+ E36 M3 control arms and offset bushings E36 M3 struts H&R sport springs with Koni shocks
    E46 zhp yellow tag steering rack using E46 steering linkage.
    Garagistic boosterless brake setup
    Garagistic chassis reinforcements
    Removable radiator support
    I have stock 4-2-1 headers, and I also have the DNA/Speeddaddy 740i headers. Ebay stuff I had to do some work to fit, the flanges didn't line up on the head studs, a driver side secondary pipe hits the bell housing so I took a little off there to make it fit while on the engine stand, in case anyone was thinking about it you should be warned. The problem with these is they go directly through the secondaries I believe there is a collector there to add to the fun.
    So I decided to work on my stock headers since they come pretty close. (not talking about any firewall modifications just steering rack) I cut the outer skin on the double walled headers and on the inside they are in 3 pieces. I didn't cut any pipes, only cut the outer layer heat shield off. My plan is to rotate and weld.
    Based on what I read from e36brua and his California BAR approved M62, this should be acceptable if I want to get approved as well. Correct me if I'm wrong, He kept the flanges and ran new pipes in the same general layout with carb approved aftermarket cats.

    Anyways heres some pics

    Clearance from steering rack to oil pan
    Rack is mounted on stock position holes closest to the subframe and Engine mounts set to be closer to the firewall. I should mention the poly bushings have 2 possible mounting positions forward and backward, ~half inch adjustment there. I already did it so i cant get anymore clearance without going to the forward motor mount engine position.

    Clearance from steering rack bolt to oil pan
    I had to cut a little off the top of the black steering bracket as well. You can see the bolt head is very close to the oil pan. Will the polyurethane bushings settle and will i end up touching? Wont the motor flex and make contact?
    I was thinking maybe cut or bend the tabs to a lower position and remove the steering rack spacers to gain some clearance there.
    Gets me thinkin, Do i need the subframe spacers if I'm sitting low like this?

    Heres the headers I mentioned above. Elbows come apart but one is sandwiched in on each side and may need a cut all the way around to disconnect. Use caution not to cut into main pipes but its pretty easy theres an air gap between the 2 layers and you can feel it make the cut.

    Heres a pic of the engine bay I sledge hammered the top of the trans tunnel entrance. Manual says I need to do a bit more towards the firewall next to the old brake booster hole, we'll see.

    Im currently about to do my first test fit of the engine and transmission and from there see what I can do with this stock headers.

    Im going to try to keep A/C and ABS, but don't know where I can relocate the ABS to. But who needs that shiit right?
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      Keep us updated on progress.


        Headers / manifolds / cats will have to be how they are on the DONOR vehicle if you want to pass CA BAR. They basically call out that everything from the MAF side down to the CAT(s) , including EVAP stuff has to be how it was on the vehicle you removed the engine from.

        So, that means you can't use OBD1 manifolds on OBD2 swap or OBD2 manifolds on OBD1 swap etc. Sounds like you plan on utilizing stock OBD2 S62 manifolds, so you are on the right track. Now, cutting and re-welding the manifolds is a gamble, it will depend on the BAR tech you'll get as technically you can't modify them .
        Mtech1 v8 build thread -

        OEM v8 manual chip or dme -


          Sorry guys, with an original post from nearly two years ago, I'm not sure we'll get an update.

          OBDI M62B44/6 swap
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            I'm back at it again here's the current situation. I ditched the bar smog idea for now and I rolled the dice on some swap headers from Bulgaria that are supposed to work. Hahaha plug and play, maybe. There's a spot where he forgot to weld I can blow air through it I'm still working on getting it fully installed in the car.
            I tucked some wires into the blower fan firewall cover.
            I'm still scheming on lowering my engine and ditching the subframe spacers so I don't mess with my roll center. I think if I cut the top tabs off the steering rack mounts and reweld lower, then maybe shave less than 1/8" from my oil pan at another spot I'll be good on clearance.
            I'm looking to find out who makes mounts that require oil pan modification instead of spacers?
            Otherwise I can cut and reweld mine 20mm but that might clash with the headers as you can see in the pics, I have the revshift bushings and the bolt is offset so I can flip it to use the front bolt holes on my garagistic mounts but i don't want to since it will shift my engine backward like 1/4" I don't know if I have that luxury between the front of my steering rack or the back of my engine with my camshaft position sensors I'd have to check that again. Cool thing about using the revshift bushing is the bolt is offset so that with the 2 bolt holes gives you 4 mounting positions. (Adjustability: 1/2" with bushing flip 3/4" with motor mounts total range 1 ยน/⁴") Finally I had another idea of lowering the mounting tabs on the subframe itself

            Hope that made sense I'm multitasking and brainstorming in the garage, I'll try to keep the updates coming. If anyone has a question let me know

            I'm planning on a single exhaust, put in a high flow cat/resonator/cutout/quietest muffler I can get


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              Random stuff, still trying to find fenders I like for the 285/30/18 on 18x11 I had them redrilled with steel inserts. I was going to roll with the E39 m5 wheels but getting a nice square set is pricey and hard to find. I'm using a torsen lsd hopefully it's nice but I have clutch lsd as well but I think it's a 3.73 and my torsen is 3.15 like original E39 m5 only difference is my wheels are slightly shorter in diameter. And I removed the bolts holding the steering wheel so I can lower it.

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                Look up Lown Performance for mounts that may not need spacers.

                OBDI M62B44/6 swap
                Transaction feedback
                - jpod999


                  Originally posted by jpod999 View Post
                  Look up Lown Performance for mounts that may not need spacers.
                  I also make mounts that require oil pan modification and the X5 oil plate for M6x swaps as well as the steering rack tabs. I don’t have them posted on my business page yet but check out my build thread for pictures here:

                  I currently don’t advertise selling them because I’m not able to make large quantities or offer powder coating just yet. OP I’m sending you a PM to talk details if your interested.
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