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    v8 turbo

    hello I present my project already finished in the absence of details if anyone has the same project we can share setup with respect to the PCV canceled I have some problem has some configuration a greeting from the Canary Islands
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    I'd love to see some more pics and info!


      Originally posted by alistairolsen View Post
      I'd love to see some more pics and info!
      +1 tell us your story and pictures for those that cannot read please :)



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          my previous engine was a m60 that mount it m5 I took electronic ecu master the truth that the car noticed a lot of improvement and but I was not looking for it and now I am with the project almost ready, it runs a lot but I am with adjustments to remove the valve pcv the e replaced by a tank oiln nothing happened to them fotitos I do not speak well English please forgive googe is responsible jaajajaj[ATTACH]Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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            m60 itb m5


              Dont worry about your english, I can't speak Spanish either, but we all like cars!

              I'm so curious about a whole bunch of stuff:

              What turbo are you using?

              Any internal modifications, pistons or rods etc?

              What power and torque are you making?

              Any picures of the exhaust manifold arrangement? I see the link pipe across the front of the block

              Does the exhaust route to the back of the car, or exit in the wheel well?



                hi the photos I could not send more for the size and it will not let me upload
                the turbo is a gtx 3586r the engine is bentley already brings a preparation coswort it hp not yet 500 hp or 600 hp approximate not yet mounted on bank the exhaust exits side by the fin
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                  That's the Bentley Arnage engine? What are the differences between that and the BMW m62? I thought that was just a standard BMW m62 with the turbo manifolds bolted on.

                  Crazy build, must be a blast to drive. Nice work.
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