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91 318is/ LS Swap

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    Yeah looks like you’re battling a little rust under there, I’m glad I didn’t have to fuss with replacing the hard-lines. What are you using for fuel line?

    I’m running stock axles and have yet to break one. Probably because the tires don’t have enough grip but sorry no recommendations on upgrades there.

    You should look into getting wheel studs...and always torque the lug bolts/nuts to spec. We’re all guilty of running em in tight with the impact.

    You also should upgrade the bushings in the rear subframe/trailing arms since you have everything out of there.

    Keep us posted. -Nick

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      Originally posted by Tubesock View Post
      While I was working on the rear, found both axle shafts are toast. I am not going to put them back in especially with the extra power coming. Any suggestions on axle shafts?
      Pricey but comes with peace of mind.


        Been awhile everyone! I still have the E30 and have been slowly accumulating parts but this little guy has been the only thing I care about. So here’s an update, started cleaning up the engine bay and chassis harness. You can see the old stuff above the zip tie. I do have a question about all the ABS wires, can I just tape them up and call it good or do I need to trace them all the way back and pull them. I’m going to do the whole bay in Steel-it and tuck the wires behind the fender. Still working on grinding and cleaning the bay before I go all on with the Steel-it. Huge pile of parts to install. I think I’ve got everything I need except a driveshaft. I got the griffin radiator, wiring specialties plug and play harness, all new fuel lines, and a corvette filter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


          Just seeing your build thread for the first time. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
          91 318i LS Swap In Progress - Build Thread

          Divided Being Motorsports - Youtube Channel / Build Log

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            Got the subframe pulled and prepped for reinforcement. You can see how bad one of the motor mounts is cracked. While I was pulling the subframe I saw how bad my end links were and picked up some new ones. With everything out I decided to put on my Garagistic offset lollipops. Does anyone have advice on bottoming this thing out? I resorted to a BFG and wood but it’s not moving anymore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


              That's weird, it should just slide on. You don't wont it to be tight were it cant move. Are Both sides giving you the same problem?

     5.3 LSA build in progress :devil:


                I hadn’t tried the other side because I tore the boot on the knuckle ball joint but I just got the replacement. I wire wheeled the paint off the old and new one and was able to get them on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk