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HELP! Bad Alternator, or Regulator?

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    Originally posted by freeride53 View Post
    Now trying to get my hand on a voltmeter to see if the battery will read 13.5 V
    This sounds like the best next step.

    If you pull out the regulator you should be able to see how much it's worn, if it's pretty worn then you know to replace, if not I would have the alternator tested.

    Also check to make sure you have good connections on the alternator.


      Spend that money on a regulator to find your slip rings are worn too... you probably need a new battery because you damaged it by running it flat.


        I don't understand why you are continuing to drive the car? You obviously have a charging issue. You're going to ruin your battery if you keep running the car on a low charge, take your battery out and put it on a battery charger, if you smell sulfur than you ruined the battery. A regulator is only 30-40$ And is held on by 2 Philips screws iirc, you're going to fry the alternator if you keep trying to jump start the car.


          I didn't continue to run the car... it's been sitting since it died on Sunday..

          Took the battery to the store, had it tested. Said that it was a little low but is likely fine.

          Got a new alternator and a new belt. Me and my buddy are gonna tackle it this week.

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