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Bumpiness Under Heavy Acceleration

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    Bumpiness Under Heavy Acceleration

    Hello all,

    I have noticed a crisp bumpiness that appears when I am accelerating quickly, most noticeably in first gear, but sometimes in second as well. It feels as if it is coming from the rear of the car. I have also noticed some bumps as higher speeds under even slight acceleration. Could this be a CV joint issue or a differential issue?

    Thank you

    Bad drive shaft?

    When the center support bearing dies, the shaft hits the trans tunnel during accel, but balances out at speed.

    But it could be a lot of things, put a hand on everything to see what has play.
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      Could be CSB, could be driveshaft u-joints, could be halfshaft CV joints, etc.
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        In my experience it was a tire with a broken belt. Tires themselves looked fine.

        Could be CSB though.
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