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Poor running issue, Code 1261

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    Poor running issue, Code 1261

    Need some help if anyone can point me in a better direction. I have a 1990 325i. Runs like crap. Does have a stomp test code of 1261

    (1261 Fuel Pump Relay Control This code is generated when there is a break or ground fault in the circuitry associated with the DME fuel pump relay. Check pin #3 of the DME or the output stage in the DME (DME version M1.3 only).) I have the Silver label 173

    Now i checked power to the relay i have +12v on both I have not checked continuity between the dme #3 pin yet. What i did was ground out the relay so it was sending power to the pump. the pump was running audibly not super loud (i have the single high pressure in take pump) its a new pump less than a year old. the filter is new as well.

    Still runs like crap.

    Is the DME its self bad? am i looking for a grounding issue for the DME?
    Should i be checking fuel pressure? but with the code what does fuel pressure have to do with the relay circuit?

    Any Techs out there that know a thing or two please chime in.

    For fuel,related diagnostics its a good idea to always check fuel pressure. Ie...If you have an intermittent short it would show up
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      Checked the pressure at the fuel rail. only read 10 psi no fluctuation. Tested the pressure right at the pump 0 psi. removed the pump and the connecting hose between the pump and housing was not connected.

      Got everything tightened up and it runs great again.

      still curious on that code and the loss of pressure correlation.

      Thanks for the help.