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Windshield Wiper Question

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    Windshield Wiper Question

    Just picked up a new to me '89 325is. The windshield wipers were inoperable when I first got the car. The 30 amp fuse in position 5 was broken and when I changed it, I got a low pitched whirring noise with the wiper stalk in off position. The noise changes pitch when I move the stalk, but the wipers are still inoperable regardless of the stalk position. The windshield washers do work but not the wipers. I have ordered a wiper relay switch and am waiting for it to arrive. I do notice the whirring noise stops if either the position 5 fuse or the wiper relay switch are removed.

    Any ideas or suggestions on what I should try next?

    Thanks in advance.


    Somit sounds like yournwiper motor is working which means you don't need a relay. My guess it the wiper arm which attaches to the bottom of the motor. It's about 3" long and is softer than the splined drive shaft on the bottom of the motor, the theory being that if anything blocks your wipers the arm strips rather than the motor. I'd pull the blower cover off, turn the motor back on and see if the arm goes back and forth. If it does then look at the linkage for a disconnect
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