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Opinions Needed: Which Shifter Rebuild Kit Should I Get?

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    I had a modified BMPdesign short shifter that was made for e30 m3 fitted in my ex e30 turbo m20 Getrag 260 (I had to reduce the rod lenght a bit to make it fit) and it WAS FANTASTIC feel. Very precise and not notchy for my taste.

    I have another brand of SS in my e30 M3 ( I believe is a UUC but not sure as I got it from other M3 that took it off before selling the car and installed in my M3) and doens't feel nearly like the BMPdesign one in the e30 turbo.

    Another customer/friend has the UUC fully optioned SSK and I really don't like it all.

    I'm importing in few weeks a BMP SS for a customer's e30 M3 I will let you know how it goes if you didn't purchase anything yet.
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      Thanks I'd love to hear how it goes. Not in a hurry to buy anything in this area now - stripping down for paint
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