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    There is no MAF sensor with Alpha N. Two different approaches.
    "I'd probably take the E30 M3 in this case just because I love that little car, and how tanky that inline 6 is." - thecj



      So we have been sending out the Alpha N systems like crazy. We have tuned a bunch in person and the last two I have graphs for are both for 2.3

      Jason Spore:

      207 WHP / 172 WTQ (DynoJet)

      Stock Balanced S14B23
      Miller Alpha N System
      Carbon Air box with 15cm runners
      Stock Cams
      Stock throttle bodies
      BMW Rally header
      VSR exhaust (w/ catalytic converters) with Stromung muffler

      Sam Yang:

      196 WHP / 157 WTQ (Mustang)

      Stock S14B23
      Miller Alpha N System
      CF Air Box with 48mm Runners
      Schrick 284/276 Cams
      BMW EvoII/Rally Headers
      VSR Center Section
      Stromung Rear Section

      Have more graphs being sent in but the kit is proving itself quite nicely.
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        What can you do for out of state buyers who need initial setup/tuning?


          Originally posted by mach schnell View Post
          What can you do for out of state buyers who need initial setup/tuning?
          All of the cars have been pretty darn close right out of the box. All have definitely been drivable too. The beauty of the WAR Chip is that we can send you revisions over email with a little info from you first. A dyno run is great, but AFR and RPM is fine for the most part.

          You can dial it in yourself too, again, the beauty of the WAR Chip is that it allows you the freedom to do what you want with the tune, but also allows us to help you remotely.


            I am not sure if this link will work. If not, just head over to our facebook page to check it out.

            Vites (Bobb) recently installed our Alpha N system on his crazy build. 12.5:1 compression e85 specific build with 750cc injectors and the rest of the works! Sounds amazing and we can't wait for him to return home to get us more footage and a dyno!



              Originally posted by brody View Post
              No wideband control with the stock ECU. We haven't found it to be necessary with proper calibrations thus far.
              This surprises me. Esopecially in 2016. With old technology such as a narrowband sensor, the only precise reading and tune you will get in closed loop is 14.7 to 1 air/fuel ratio. The narrowband sensor is nothing more than a binary switch. Rich (whatever the ratio) - Stochio - Lean (whatever the ratio). The reason is that the metal on that sensor only "reacts" when a 14.7 to 1 air/fuel ratio is reached. Above and below, it becomes "numb".

              If a wideband sensor was used, you could determine precisely target fuel ratios in closed loop. And you could even "correct" the signal and force the DME into thinking is is leaner, which will force the DME into richening the mixture when in closed loop.

              Those of you who want to alter the narrowband 02 sensor signal and fool the DME into thinking that stochio is leaner than it really is, and force the DME to richen the mixture, you could look into a motorcycle product called AFXied. Works great on my two BMW bikes using narrowband sensor. And it is adjustable. 8 levels of correction.

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                Hi Brody,

                Have you done any S14 B20 engines yet ?... I'd certainly consider doing your Alpha-N conversion on my E30 320is.


                  Brody, I am considering your alpha n kit for my 2.5 s14 build. I am located in Vancouver BC.

                  What might make my mind up is if you can dyno tune my car once it is up and running in the lower mainlaind area.

                  I have run your war chip on my stroker m20 and it was good value for money.
                  Pulling my hair out with all these friggin BMW's:
                  2000 M5 Winter beater
                  1984 318i Coupe 2.5 S14 going in the car below.
                  1988 M3 Lachssilber: I'm the second owner, currently recommissioning.


                    Brody, since it sounds like it is a big sticking point for a lot of people, what would it take for you to add wideband control / closed loop to your Alpha N setup?

                    Could you offer it as an option to your kit?

                    You’ve been arguing that it’s not necessary, but ultimately, a lot of potential customers want it.

                    So why not add it and be done with that argument?

                    I know I would LOVE to have a setup that is more plug ‘n’ play than the MAXX. I bought a brand new MAXX setup a while back but never installed it because I don’t want to go pulling pins out of my ECU plug or splicing into my engine harness.

                    I want it to be as plug ‘n’ play as possible. If MAXX’s was plug ‘n’ play, I would have bought and installed it a long time ago.