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Need help how to fix headliner part?

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  • CurrusDei
    Hey i got your PM. I didnt document this extremely well, but here's what i have/remember.

    If you have the white plastic piece for the rear of the headliner, you are most of the way there. That is a hard piece to locate.

    This isnt a great picture, but it shows the key parts. At the bottom is the white plastic piece. You can see one of the clips that holds it it - its the same clip that you would use for a door panel. There are a few of these things that snap into the roof. They are easy to source and you can see how it hooks into one of the circular cutouts in the white plastic piece. You can also see the red bracket/hook at the top . that is where the rear of the headliner connects. It has been a while since i had mine out, but i think there is a metal bow/rod that clips in there.

    You can see in the picture below how the back is clipped in and actually extends a bit past the frame. The rear windshield is layed in on top of this, but when glued in properly the rubber adhesive gives enough clearance so that the rear edge of the headliner does not touch the glass

    Good luck!

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  • N4rcotic
    started a topic Need help how to fix headliner part?

    Need help how to fix headliner part?

    Hi, I need your help. I have bought a M3 and he is in restoration. Now we‘re fix the headliner and we have a white part behind the rear window. I know that I have to glue the headliner on the white plastic part, but I don’t know how to mount the white plastic to the frame? on the back we have a few holes and I think the holes are for clips? but I can’t find any information in the part information?

    Can anybody help with picutures from the back of the plastic part with clips, or partnumber ?

    (In the link Pos. 4)

    Thank you

    Greets from Germany