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    Are these worth the trouble?

    So I do a little research and decide that I want to do the 5-lug swap, and I was lucky enough to find a 318ti at the junkyard......only thing is, I'm finding out now that I didn't do enough research. I was going to use just the hubs with my control arms, but if I'm reading the stickied write-up correctly, they will not fit an 87.

    So, that leaves the option of using the whole control arm assembly, BUT, here's the situation.....

    As you can see, the pass side has a very noticeable issue. I'm not sure what happened, but the car at the yard had a lot of bondo on that side in the rocker area and lower rear quarter. I digitally mic'd the distance between the RTAB's, and there is no noticeable difference between the two CA's. No difference with a straightedge going bushing to bushing either, although there is a obvious difference going along the section of the arm that is damaged.

    Control arms are usually pretty solid, but I don't want to waste time and effort (as well as risk safety) on a bunk suspension part.

    I think I know what the consensus will be, but I just want a second opinion anyway. This part was working for somebody, but that don't make it right. ;)

    bad bend, dump it. not worth it.
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      Ehh, that's what I thought; thanks for the reply.

      Guess I'll have some hubs for sale, soon.....:p


        how much? i can meet you partway? pmmmmmddddd
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          i think those hubs will fit an e30 arm. don't use the control arms you have there as levant says, that bent one is crap.
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            Yeah, I'm thinking of just picking up some early-model e30 arms and transferring the hubs over; it will be a good excuse to replace the bearings and bushings anyway. I was just trying to keep costs down since I'm in the middle of an engine swap....piling one major project on top of another is rarely ever a good idea.

            Not to mention, this car needs to be finished soon.........I'm starting to get tired of the e36. :p


              The bearing inner diameter on 318ti's is definitely smaller than late e30's, and the same as early e30's. Question is, what's the OD? I have a hunch early/late e30 arms are the same and just the bearings are different, only way to know for sure would be to find out the outer diameter of both of the bearings though

              OOPS, hunch wrong.

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              That's silly they did that but i guess they did.