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Traditional 5-Lug Conversion vs. 5-Lug adapters

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    Traditional 5-Lug Conversion vs. 5-Lug adapters

    How much more benefit do I get if I do a traditional 5-Lug swap in regards to brake and suspension upgrades compared to just using these adapters?

    I guess my question is can I upgrade the e30 suspension and brakes to the same level as I could if added the e36 and z3 parts for the traditional 5-lug swap?

    I realize that if I decide to give it a good bit of power then wheel adapters might be a bad idea. I have long term plans for an unhealthy amount of power but am just curious about suspension and braking right now.

    it depend of what your goal..
    if you need brake upgrade then 5lug adapter kit with bigger brakes
    check this out..

    and if you just to fit 5lug wheels then go with spacer adapters

    its depend on your wallet as well..
    [ETA - E30 Adapters] 5 Lug kit with e46m3 front and e46 325/328i rear brake setup
    [ETA - E30 Adapters] - 5 Lug kit | DTM Shifter | DSSR
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      Wheels adapters are pretty robust and will handle a decent amount of power. However bigger brakes never hurt anyone so if you're planning on running 5 lug rims and running big power you might as well go 5 lug and get the bigger brakes while you are at it.
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        And then adjust the shocks and springs to deal with the increase in the unsparing weight?
        How much an adjustment is required? Is it a given that anyone doing the 5 lug conversion is running coilovers?