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z4 hubs fail. vid.

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    z4 hubs fail. vid.

    hey just to tell you guys check runout on these chinese hubs.
    now i have to buy some new ones because these are f'd.
    going to try to get a refund or new ones. The driver one seems ok though.

    looks like the machining is off.
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    so i bought an oem p/n 33416752381
    and for some reason it does not fit my axle.

    but it does fit the pos autozone axle
    same p/n... so right now i don't know what to do.

    it will slide in part way but does not go in on multiple oem axles.

    First one is the china one second is oem.
    The china one will also fit on the autozone axle btw.

    E30 spines. by jet jones, on Flickr
    Different splines? by jet jones, on Flickr


      hope this helps other future people.
      filed the shit out of the splines with a triangle.
      tight fit but it slid in. There is no side to side movement it's locked.
      maybe why bmw sorta improved on the splines because the older style it would have wiggle to it.

      Filed to fit by jet jones, on Flickr

      Tight fit by jet jones, on Flickr


        you need to deburr the splines on the OEM hub. BMW doesn't send them out deburred, I had the same problem with stock ix front hubs several years ago.
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          thanks for the tip
          i'll try that on the next one but it was probably not that because the crappy autozone axle
          slide right in. strange.

          Run out on oem hovers between 0.00 to 0.01
          it's pretty damn good. i'm happy.

          Run out on china side that seemed to be ok goes to 0.18... not ok.

          Again, when it comes to stuff like this buy oem / febi.
          going reorder the other side but we learn with failure.
          Only reason i check was because it would make a clicking noise back there.

          Perfect oem by jet jones, on Flickr
          Got to love china by jet jones, on Flickr
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