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Recommendations on rear camber & toe with IE kit?

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    Recommendations on rear camber & toe with IE kit?

    We're heading for rear alignment Tues after welding in IE adjustable tabs kits and reinstalling the subframe. Arms are about centered in the slots just to drive it there, and not torqued.

    It's an '86 ES, DD street car, H&R Sport springs, front drop hats, 15x7 wheels ET12.

    Click image for larger version

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    Here's the text in the IE installation pages:

    We typically recommend a finished wheel camber reading of -1 to -1.5 degrees for most applications (some applications may call for more, or less Please feel free to call us if you have any questions on your setup). Rear toe should typically be set to factory specification, or about 1/8 overall toe-in (1/16 per-wheel).

    Is that about where you'd set it?

    It isn't very low. We want decent road handling and above all to not eat tires like it's doing.

    Front - rear
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Before we pulled the subframe again the #s were:
    LR toe: .42 ( I assume these are toe-IN?)
    RR toe: .61

    LR camber: -2.79
    RR camber: -2.68

    Thanks -



    How does -1/16" toe on each side relate to the factory spec of -.09 to -.22? is there a conversion?

    IE recommends -1/8" toe-in total, vs the spec of -.19 to -.43.


    I'm using 1/8" total rear negative toe..
    Tire diameter 23.88"

    Makes toe one wheel = .15
    Total toe-in = .30

    That sound right?
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      OK....just in case there's somebody out there who's interested, here are the numbers we set the rear at.........

      LR Camber: -1.88
      RR Camber: -1.98

      LR toe: .05
      RR toe: .19 Total toe .24

      Thrust angle: .07


        Why not the same toe on each side?
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          If you are not racing the car i would set it up with regular factory specs, the alignment guy should have access to those. Toe is the tire killer, not camber.

          Assuming you have tire clearance of course.

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            I was told, "This is as close as he can get it." He's a front end guy who's been doing it a long time and knows his euro cars. I gave them the IE rec of -1.5 camber and .15 toe.

            Maybe with the teeth on the IE plates one side isn't matching the other(?). I know you don't want zero toe. I'm not sure if these small differences are something he will even notice...?