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45mm vs 51 mm strut tubes?????

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    45mm vs 51 mm strut tubes?????

    hey guys....

    selling some parts and want to be sure the buyer is doing it all proper.

    do all 318iS cars use 45mm frt strut housings?.....

    He wants my spare e30 6 cyl frt strut that cool?....I don't know about 318is cars overall......

    edit.....I just read this:

    Only 84-85 318i and some 86-87 base model 325.

    is this true?...

    but I would imagine you could swap in 51 mm tubes to even an early 45mm car?......and use the proper inserts.


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    If a dollar can wrap around the strut tube it's the 45mm. If it doesn't wrap around the tube it's a 51mm


      Yep, you're fun swapping strut housings. You hut the nail on the head. No 318is car has 45mm struts however.
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        The difference visually for the struts are:-

        51 mm has the locking threads INSIDE the tube for the shock
        45 mm has the locking threads OUTSIDE the tube for the shock

        Easiest way to tel for someone unsure.
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          To make this even more confusing, you can install the smaller Bilstein sports in the 51 mm housing by buying the adaptor nut Bilstein sells. The valving is almost identical.
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