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E30: Z3 rack swap + vanos hose

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    E30: Z3 rack swap + vanos hose

    pls forgive me if this topic has been posted previously. searched online and can't find a trace on this topic...

    someone told me many years ago that there is a specific vanos hose that is a near perfect fit the HP PS hose for an E30 with Z3 rack swap.
    I think the E39 part # 11361705532 and it looks plausible.
    i'm about to tackle bending up the old hose but before i ruin that i'd like to ask for input.
    Any thoughts?

    If it were me id bend up something in the shape of the hose you want, take it to a hydraulics shop and get something made to suit.


      VANOS hose is a winner

      Thanks Davie but getting a custom hose made up costs a lot more than $10 in the USA and my original hose was already leaking - so i took a flier on the VANOS hose and it works great with very little bending required. I paid $9.95 including shipping from ebay and the bending took less that 60 seconds.

      I've seen lots of pictures posted of people bending metal hoses around pipes and crushing them flat. - There is a better way to make careful bends without special tools.

      First remove the tie-rod from the front hub and bolt the banjo fitting up as is the norm. then slip a metal pipe/tube (approx~1.25" ID)over the hose and starting closest to the banjo end push down on the pipe make a small bend in the thinnest section of the pipe neck. then withdraw the pipe 1/4" and repeat until perfect as the pipe draws back.
      The shorter of the two ends needs to be bent straight while the bend in the longer end needs to be increased about ~2X.
      I did not have any ATF on hand and plan to adjust the location of the pipes to prevent rubbing once i finish my day job.
      Hopefully this $10 mod will help others clean up the PS mess and save hours of pipe bending.
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