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High quality factory ride parts list?

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    High quality factory ride parts list?

    Hey everyone

    Most of the threads here are about increasing sportyness in some way shape or form. I'm interested in a very close to OEM/Factory style rebuild on my 89 325isedan and curious what parts you all used to achieve this. Shocks, rubber parts, M3 parts, etc.

    I'll be reusinig the factory springs which are in good shape and looking to compliment them with a shocks/struts all around. I've had good success on my older cars with Koni Reds (classics) but unsure if the Koni STR.T (orange) are baasically stock or heading towards firmer and intended for lowering which i do not want.

    Thanks all
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    First step in any suspension job... yes i ball hard thats why its a twenty. Anyone know if the Konis are for 48 or 51mm?
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      I would search a good supplier like for only OEM pieces. You can look up your specific chassis at and search the diagrams of each suspension area, then get the parts numbers and search with those.


        Originally posted by LateFan View Post
        You can look up your specific chassis at and search the diagrams of each suspension area, then get the parts numbers and search with those.
        Bingo. Pretty much how I do all my parts shopping. Google search the part numbers and you'll find a number of vendors selling those specific parts. I've been very happy with FCP Euro.


          Iím doing the same thing with my Ď88 320i convertible - keeping stock springs and refreshing everything around them.

          From memory, Sachs were OEM for the E30 dampers/shocks. You could go with aftermarket Sachs units. I have opted for Bilstein B4 which is a gas damper and smidge firmer than stock.

          As as for other parts if you donít want to pay for BMW branded parts, go for parts from the OEMs such as Lemforder, as this will give you OE ride with OE quality at an Aftermarket price.

          Only exceptions are rear upper shock mounts - OE design is prone to early wear/failure. Try a HD part or Z3 rear shock mount. And the Front control arm lollipops is a high stress/high wear part for the OE design. Consider an E36 or HD bush here.

          Dont forget your upper and lower spring seat rubbers - replace those too.

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            My car came with B4 shocks (been replaced at some point) and i was quite impressed with them from a comfort point of view but also were quite excellent from a road holding point of view also. B4 is cheap too.

            I personally woudlnt get too concerned with NVH increases with bushes and rubber bits. In my experience they have minuscule effect on suspension harshness. Your shock has the most effect on how harsh your suspension feels. I put koni yellows in with stock springs and the suspension was just as harsh with the oem springs as it is with my lowered higher rate springs. Its the high speed damping of the shock that creates harshness.


              Sachs is a great choice, and while they seems to have gone from the marketplace, Sachs Advantage were just slightly past what OE probably was.

              The largest NVH item you might encounter would be front LCA bushings, so if you want stock, a non-solid rubber bushing is the way to go. As with all bushings, Lemforder is the best quality choice, and probably would have been the original supplier.

              Another large item would be springs/top hats, as the ones on the car are probably cycled past original spec, and it might be worthwhile to get new OE units if ride height is a concern.


                Real OEM, and then a email to blunttech. The guy knows his S**t.. Say something like "Here's the part numbers, I'm looking for this level of OEM and my I want top of the line, please advise"
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                  I have B4's and H&R OE sport springs. very nice setup
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