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E30 OEM Spring Color Codes

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    E30 OEM Spring Color Codes

    I have a '90 IS with yellow paint dots/marks on the springs. I know other E30's came with white or pink dots. My factory option list shows "S226A Sports suspension settings", but I don't know what that means. If I need to buy new springs, I'm not sure I'd know if I need to find something special on account of the car being an IS, having that sport option, or having yellow dot markings. RealOEM makes no reference to the dot colors.

    Does anyone know the significance of the dots? I think M-Tech optioned cars have the pink ones.
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    The pink springs are for the regular E30 with AC. At least, that was true for the 90s models.

    There was a part number at the top of my front springs. I googled it and found more information about the springs.
    Apparently, there were many variations by different manufacturers.

    But it doesn't matter as you can always buy aftermarket springs.;pf:2;page:0
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