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15" semi slickish tyres

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    15" semi slickish tyres

    Hi All,

    trying to decide on some 15" tyres for my rocket. 15x7" +25 wheels. Lowered springs and all that, fairly generic e30.

    issue im facing is that 205 55 R15 is the correct size but that size is pretty rare in the more affordable range of semi slickish tyres.

    I am more than happy to sacrifice longevity for grip as the car doesn't get driven much. I am going to start doing some basic track days though, so I do want something trackish orientanted. but i am a complete amateur so keep that in mind...

    In the past on other cars i have run federal 595 RSR, toyo T1r and some kumhos 720. but all of these dont offer a 205 55 r15.

    205 50 r15 is very popular size. technically its too small of a rolling diameter, and to be honest it looks a bit funny. But i do know that alot of e30 guys run this size. I note that the spec E30 racing requires a 205 50 r15 toyo A1 something. But those cars are very low. not sure would suit 95% road car, 5% mild track day car.

    The best compromise i have come up with so far is the Bridgestone RE003 that does come in 205 55 R15, not a Motorsport tyre by any means. But perhaps would suit me and would be a great street tyre.

    So i guess 3 questions, any real world experiences/opinions on 205 50 R15? and and other suggestions in 205 55 R15? and what do we think of the RE003?

    Keeping in mind i am in Australia so tyre choice is probably alot more limited than you US folk.

    Photo below is on 195 60 R15 budget tyres (equivalent to 205 55), and I really cant afford to go any lower and i think a less profile tyre would look pretty weird.

    Click image for larger version

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    You might be able to get Falken Azeni R615K+ as they are made in Japan.

    Stateside we can get the following, also in 205/50

    Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 R
    ADVAN A052
    ADVAN A048
    Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R
    BFGoodrich G-FORCE RIVAL S 1.5

    But that's all that's really out there for 205/xx-15 that isn't a straight slick, but you can also fit 215s, depending on your setup/actual tire width, and sometimes, but probably not many 225 high performance tires.


      Thanks for the reply rogue. Yep there are loads of good options in 205/50.

      Unfortunately basically zero of them come in 205/55 which is the recommended size.

      If i had 8" wheels i would look at the 225/45 as there are some options there, but i feel 225 would be far too wide on my car on 7" wheels. (and unnnecessary)