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e34 Trailing Arm Bushing change wihtout melting rubber or removing arms?

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    e34 Trailing Arm Bushing change wihtout melting rubber or removing arms?


    Has anyone ever removed e34 trailing arm bushings without removing the arms entirely, or torch/sawing them out ?

    I'm looking for either a tool, or something I can make that will allow me to press out the bushings from under the car.

    I just did this with the subframe bushings with a small shim and some heat and it was very very easy, but I don't see reports of people doing this with RTAB's.

    Idea's? If its too difficult or involves removing the arms then I'll probably just hold off.


    Air hammer with chisel tip. Be careful not to hit the steel trailing arm inner surface but the air hammer will easily destroy the soft metal of the bushing and knock it out. If you have a bushing removal tool, that may work as well.
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      E34 trailing arm bushing are not like E30 trailing are bushings. They have a metal other sleeve that is a VERY tight interference fit in the trailing arm. I recently did this and a 20 ton press barely got them out.

      Started out with a piece of 3/8" all thread and some tube to try and pull them out and ended up breaking the all thread without moving the bushing at all, even after heating things up with a torch.