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E34 M5 contoured shifter surround.

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    E34 M5 contoured shifter surround.

    Tried to order thru a vendor and received the standard version which I have to return. Anyone have one for sale? Any color? Or know if any colors are still available from BMW?

    I tried to track down whether it was NLA in all colors but cannot find enough information.

    This makes me think the part numbers are wrong.

    I'm 100% sure that part 31 in the BMW fans page is actually incorrect.
    The image is irrelevant, it's incorrect.

    If you look at realOEM as well, on any NA-spec M5 I've ever seen, the image of part 31 never shows up. The catalogue just uses the image for the stock shifter filler:

    If you look at this page:

    You will see two part numbers that others have ordered:

    The schwartz one (023) even has a picture, including the order invoice:

    Now go back to the page:
    ...guess where those 2 items show up?

    Item 2.

    So once again, ignore the picture - it's wrong.
    51 16 8 138 278 is the M5 Parchment surround.

    Believe me, I spent a lot of time digging allllll over the place when I was trying to track down mine in black leather, as opposed to vinyl. (51 16 2 237 026, by the way.) I think it was NLA and I ended up buying an anthracite one... I'll have to check.

    Are any of these the contoured panel?



      It's a long shot but I sent a email to BMW with those parts numbers and a image of the proper panel, maybe we can put the confusion to rest. Won't hold my breath haha.


        I looked into this a while back and according to Blunt over at Blunttech, they are all NLA.

        I bought this part number over a year ago when they were still avialable and got this:



          I spoke to Blunt about it as well. I am hoping to find a used one, or to find a different color under a obscure part number. Really bums me out for being such a minor item...


            I've been considering making them, but it would be quite a bit of work to get setup. Building a mold and vacuum forming them though would be the easiest way.


              Get outta my head! I was thinking this too... You would have zero problems selling them. Seems like a simple enough part to attempt it, easier said than done I am sure.


                Layne over no BfC made a run of reps. Great quality. I got one. Have to wrap it. He said he got lots of interest, but typical all talk, no $$ bullshit.

                1974.5 Jensen Healey : 2003 330i/5 : 2007 335i/6


                  Fuck me running, I would have sent payment immediately...


                    Try shooting him a PM, he's in TX. There was a thread on BfC e34 crew on Facebook. That's where I got mine through.
                    1974.5 Jensen Healey : 2003 330i/5 : 2007 335i/6


                      Sent him a email, We will see. Thanks!