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headliner differences on touring

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    headliner differences on touring

    I know that the E34 forums on here are quite young, but I'm sure there are at least a few knowledgeable members on here that can help me with a certain dilemma.

    I bought my touring with the sunroof in not the best condition (sunroof is completely sealed and the cassette is nonexistent), so to make things prettier, I plan on getting a non-sunroof headliner.

    Well....does anyone else here have any experience in doing this? If so, were the two different? I'd imagine there might be some discrepancy because of the lack of the cassette in solid headliner, thus causing it to possibly hang a little higher than the sunroof one...? Someone chime in and let me know. I wouldn't want to waste 300 bucks for something that will look shitty or tacky.
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