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1994 525i Trans Program Error

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    1994 525i Trans Program Error

    I have a 94 525i that I am getting a "Trans Program" error from. When I am given the error and then do the stomp test, no codes come up, I get 1444.

    The car runs fine 1st-3rd but it will not go into 4th gear. I get the code at the point where you expect it to shift from 3rd-4th, but again, no code shows up.

    I am about to jump into troubleshooting this problem but would like to know if anyone has had this similar issue. I know the e34 is well known for "Trans Program" errors, but I am having a hard time finding one just like this.

    What I have done so far:

    - I have cleaned the contacts at the shifter, which fixed my gauge cluster display.

    - Checked the fluid level at operating temp.

    - Re-terminate plug at all computers in engine compartment and behind passenger speaker.

    - Cleaned/Replaced A/M switch.

    Plans (Beginning with Low Hanging Fruit)

    - Replace fluid and filter

    - Replace main relay

    - Check resistances via TCM plug

    - Check speed pulsar (not really sure how to do that)

    - Have alt. and battery checked

    - Clean all connectors including TPS

    That is all the easy stuff I can think of right off hand. I would appreciate any help or comments on this as I plan to start this weekend/next week.

    Sorry for the long post but thanks in advance for any help.

    Stomp test is only for engine codes, not tranny codes, so I'd expect no codes presented.
    Either get the thing scanned and find the code, swap the speed sensor on the tail shaft, or get another matching tcu or change pan solenoids.
    But first decide upto what point you want to throw money at the POS undersized trans, before it is more economical to manual swap.


      I am getting the code scanned this coming week and then go from there. I have a manual swap for it but if I can do something simple to keep it auto till summertime that would be ideal. Either way, I'll keep this post updated with what I find.

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