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E34 Touring Transmission Slipping

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    E34 Touring Transmission Slipping

    I have a 1993 E34 525i Touring with auto trans. PO swapped the motor and Auto trans from a low mileage 1994 E34 525i sedan. My issue is my transmission is slipping and then goes to limp mode. We did a diagnostic but the EGS does not communicate to the computer. PO said he still have the 1993 EGS module installed on the 1994 transmission. Would installing a 1994 EGS module solve the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Was the gearbox clean and dry? Mine was slipping due to low oil level from dead leaking seals.
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      Did the PO ever have the car running with that setup?

      If not, and if the fluid is correct, then you can try the 94 EGS.

      The 93 EGS should have IH on the case from 9/92-9/93 with the tranny A4S310R-RG.

      The 94 could have KH or LZ on the EGS with a tranny ending in RH.
      I'm not sure if the tranny RG or RH would make a difference.

      The EGS letters could have to do with whether or not the car had EML or ASC or whatever options. If you try a 94 EGS, try to match up the donor car to your car.

      Also make sure your battery and electrical are working 100%-


        Would an automatic transmission from an e36 m3 plug and play?


          Originally posted by nvestor888 View Post
          Would an automatic transmission from an e36 m3 plug and play?
          Common thing that will cause slipping: Low fluid level. Have you checked that?

          Common thing that can cause limp mode: low battery or dirty contacts for the battery connectors.

          Start there.

          I'm not 100% sure if the M3 transmission will plug and play. But I'm inclided to say yes. The early M3 years for this car were basically 325is with a trim package. And the 325is had the basic 4l30e transmission. But a 325i transmission of the similar year should swap over.

          If it helps you, I have the TCU from a 1993 525i up on ebay right now.


            I had this issue with my 95 525 touring. I went to check the fluid level and the transmission was full. As in completely full. I think the PO filled the tranny on a bench. I opened the filler hole and 2-3 quarts of extra fluid came out. It is running fine now. lol


              i have a spare 525iT tranny if you want it. Im in NorCal tho.


                Sorry... have not follow up on this thread for a while... did a s50 and a manual swap on the Touring. Problem solved. Thanks everyone.

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