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E34 Aux Fan Not Working w AC

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    E34 Aux Fan Not Working w AC

    Hello all, like the title states, aux fan not working in my girl's 95 525i w the AC on.

    I removed the 3 prong connector at the radiator and tried jumping either color for the low and high speed and the aux fan is not kicking on. When I tried jumping the 2 relays pins 30 and 86? there was also no change. All fuses are good. Does this mean the resistor is bad? Anything else I should check or am I doing something wrong? Been researching for a while and I'm stumped.. FYI, ignition on, snowflake illuminated when conducting tests.

    Thank you all for the input
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    Fan motor was seized. Fuse blown (I'm a noob and didn't check both sides lol) and doesn't run on low speed so resistor is out. I wired it to stay on high using a jumper wire from the high speed to a ground.
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      Hey bro glad I was able to help you out lol (btw this is Richard)
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