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1215 Engine code

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    1215 Engine code

    Hey everybody,

    I have a 94 525i automatic with 261k miles. About 2 months ago, my car had shut off while at a red light. It started right back up afterwards and I didn't do it again until about 3 weeks ago. Then about 2 weeks ago, while I have idling, the RPM shot up to 2000, the CEL came on, then the car died. It started back up afterwards. However, On the way home after that happened, The car had no power, rough idle, misfiring, and the CEL would come on when I slowed/stopped and go off when I gave it gas. Anyway, I took it to a shop and they said it was a vacuum leak coming from the giant hose under the intake manifold.

    Jump to Last week, I took the intake manifold off and noticed that the black connector piece that goes into the underside of the intake manifold wasn't in all the way. I fixed that and replaced one of the skinny vacuum lines that runs under there. Put everything back together, and it was still rough idling, but after a while, the rough idling stopped, but it still didn't have power like it used to. Drove it a bit and it started to do better, however, the CEL was still on. I got the code 1251, 1254, 1255, 1221, and 1215. Replaced the Fuel injectors and removed the positive cable from the battery. Came back the next morning and the CEL didn't come back on until I drove it about 2 miles and the car had surged at a red light. And it cut off twice today while stopped at a red light. Checked the codes again and it was only 1215 popping up.

    I cleaning the MAF, didn't make a difference.
    Unplugged the MAF, didn't make a difference.
    Sprayed Carb cleaner between the air box and the throttle body, no changes
    in idle

    I don't know what to try next. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

    Ps. Sorry about the long post.