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e34 chassis noise troubleshooting

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    e34 chassis noise troubleshooting

    I'm at a bit of a loss trying to troubleshoot a loud squeaking noise on my e34. I don't expect a vague post like this to reveal some type of a-ha moment, but I'm looking for advice on how to approach troubleshooting with home mechanic tools.

    Intermittent sqeak happens starting at about 45mph , loudest from inside the car in passenger footwell.

    it sounds like its coming from right behind the glovebox. I tried some silicone spray on the control arm and stabilizer bar bushings but no real imapct.

    It does not sound like a typical wheel bearing grind. I've recently replaced the shocks and subframe bushings and this didn't seem to change the noise at all.
    Does not sound like a wheel bearing grind.

    I'd chalk this up to a bushing on one of the suspension parts, but It only seems to happen at speed which is what's throwing me off.

    Are there any tips/tricks/tools I can use to try and narrow this down, its hard since I can only replicate the noise at highway speeds.

    I've been looking into some type of home brew chassis ear type device but figured I'd post here first for suggestions.

    Split it in to rotational, abrading, or vibration noises. Isolate the cause, engine RPM, speed, pavement, temperature.


      Brake pad dragging on the rotor maybe?


        I am willing to bet its the blower motor for the HVAC. Next time you hear that, turn the fan off and see if it goes away.
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          Wanted to update. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I tore the car apart and ended up having to get a hold of a steelman chassis ear unit. The loud noise is coming from something in the sunroof.. the noise was projecting from the footwell but when I put the sensors all around the car I eventually narrowed it down and once I took the headliner off that confirmed it. I think I’m only hearing it at speed because that’s when the car is getting the most wind blowing over the sunroof. I literally tore out the dash and replaced a ton of suspension parts playing “shotgun” part replacer and finally found it. Side note : I now have a steelman chassis ear that I’m thinking of renting out to recoup some costs. Again, thank you for replies - each one helped me continue to narrow down options. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk