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Engine bay wiring questions. E30 2.7

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    Engine bay wiring questions. E30 2.7

    Hi Guys,

    Got my 1st E30! Its a bit of a turd, but Im gonna start polishing on it! :) 1986 m20 2.7

    I have a few questions about engine bay wiring, as I can see a few cut wires. Im going to list them one at a time to stay on topic.

    1st. How do I know if my engine is supposed to have the cylinder 6 signal pulse wire. It is not there, and I do not see the connector for it in the general area the pictures show it to be.

    Will post up pics tomorrow, and will add to this post.




    If it's an eta (2.7 originally was) you don't have a pulse wire.

    now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves


      Thank you very much. So much time spent looking for that answer. And thank you for the link. It will definitely come in handy.

      Will get pictures in over the weekend of other cut wires.

      Car runs relatively well, except for cold starts. Many posts say the pulse wire not being connected is one of the culprits. I have sprayed flammable brake clean to look for vac leaks, but did not find any. Cold start smells like raw fuel. New 02 sensor.

      Will get onto that topic at some point.

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