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how about some pics of sedans?

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    how about some pics of sedans?

    I need inspiration on what's possible with the 4 door E30s :)

    The hottest one I've seen is this so far:

    I think it's someone from here's car.. chime in whoever you are
    my 325i project info page - lots of pics.. maybe V8 swap? lol..

    Here's my track car:


    82 Alfa Spider (For Sale)
    86 944 Turbo
    87 CX25 TRD Turbo2
    89 405 Mi16
    89 Milano Verde
    89 Mondial t Coupe
    92 300D


      cars beep boop



        Nothing special, just my DD. My current brake situation is majorly delaying my euro bumper install. Once I take care of the brake problem (new brake booster, E30 M3 (or second gen RX-7) calipers, 4-lug Caravan rotors,) I'm going to try to fork over the nearly $200 to get the euro bumper hardware and get them on there.

        Kovs, that's an excellent looking 4-door.
        - Trey

        E90 325i/6 (ZSP, ZPP, ZCW)
        E36 325i sedan
        E30 325i sedan
        Volvo 945T


          thats one helluva track car you got there kovs


            4-Doors do just fine at the track:

            Lance Richert '88 M3, #35 PRO3, i3 etc.

            2019 E30 Picnic Weekend: June 22-23 2019


              You have over two hundred pics from the last two years and this is what you post up....



                can you guys see this picture?

                Status: HG repair. 488wtq though!


                  looking good guys.. now I feel the love amidst all these 2 door E30s I keep seein' :)
                  my 325i project info page - lots of pics.. maybe V8 swap? lol..



                    Heres my old 4-door, it was my first e30 actually. I still wish I had a four door to this day. The next e30 I want is a early model four door with late model bumpers.


                      i have got some of my 86 eta before the accident.

                      1986 325e RIP.
                      1989 525i
                      1986 635CSI


                        That got me wondering is there a r3vd thread in here somewhere with everyones crashes?


                          Originally posted by Lance Racing View Post
                          4-Doors do just fine at the track:

                          From last session...taken from the outside of T4 at PIR.

                          And one more from PIR, outside of T7.



                            Fall before smoked Ellips:

                            Winter with "I" lip and bottlecaps with studded tires:

                            With the IS lip back on for a meet:

                            From aforementioned meet:

                            4 door love. :up: And yes, my car needs a drop. Broke college student = lose.

                            SC*AR (Schwarz Army)
                            No longer stock ride height, rolling as low as a daily driver in New England should without worrying about breaking an oil pan. :up:



                              From last year..

                              I have chrome kidneys now, which i really like! Looks awesome i think - new pictures soon..