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"Restored" E30 in Buford GA

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    Originally posted by robrez View Post
    Never seen a switch placed on the rear speaker grill like this before. Must be to pop the touneau cover?
    i bet its for the passengers to use their power windows. or it was a manual to power top conversion.

    who ever recovered the seats did a pretty bad job or the kit was kinda half ass. the engine over haul was half ass. they didn't even clean the cosmoline off the intake manifold. break fluid is too old, cracked dash, odd holes in the carpet. its more or less worth 6,500-7k. none of us may pay that but there are other out there who will.
    Much wow
    I hate 4 doors


      Just because he is asking 10.5 doesn't mean that he isn't willing to negotiate. I'd like to see what's been done under the car.
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          Originally posted by B Randon View Post
          well here is a little run down from what i see
          hard top-1k
          wheels and tires-2k
          if he replaces soft top-1k
          redone interior-1k
          has had motor work,
          and its a late model vert that right there puts the price at 4-6k
          Remembers are 2k?
          Originally posted by LJ851
          I programmed my oven to turn off when my pizza was done, should i start a build thread?



            Originally posted by chadthestampede View Post
            Remembers are 2k?
            Maybe he has $1500 dollar tires...;)


              Is this guys cock hanging out in this pic?? If it it it may have a toenail on it. Thats just what I see

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                Originally posted by B Randon View Post
                wheels and tires-2k
                those are knock-off RSs.
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                  Originally posted by ReallyDirtyThirty View Post
                  You think an M20 slushbox and a dash with more cracks than a plumbers convention is worth $10k? The seats are nice but thats it. It would cost at most $2k to have the interior redone so where is the other 8 grand? If it was an M50 swap with 5 speed I'd give it my blessing, but this guys asking price isn't even in the same universe as the real price.
                  give me a week and ill sell ya my e30 w lower miles and an m50 for 10k.
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