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(Non E30 Content) Merc 240D Motor Swap Yea or Nay?

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    (Non E30 Content) Merc 240D Motor Swap Yea or Nay?

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    So I have a local friend who has come to me about his fathers car.
    He has an 1983 Merc 240D that is in a sad state of tune, leaks, and seems to be stuck in third while warm.
    The father has mentioned getting rid of the car, even scrapping it. Well my friend is not into the Merc nor wants to take on another large project and knowing I enjoy the odd ball builds has offered it to me.
    I have expressed some interest in the car but am not willing to offer much.
    "In hopes this car will be offered to me free or at least at scrap value"

    I was looking for a clean w123 300TD before I happened upon my E38

    If i was able to get this car i want to start looking of viable engine options
    not so I can have all my "Info Duck in a Row" before I pull the trigger.

    I not looking for the standard knee jerk reaction "LSX" swap or even "M6X"

    I want to something different and something not soo rare, Something that make people be like "that's odd, but i bet it goes like stink on shit"

    I was thinking "turbo Cummings Diesel" of "Northstar 4.6" maybe a "jag 4.0 SC" "4cyl Isuzu Turbo Diesel" ?

    Need's: Has to fit! Affordable! parts available! POWER!

    the Funny thing is I am very interested in shoe horning a turbo M30b35 w/5spd ;)

    but I want to hear your input...

    thanks :ST1G:

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    (Non E30 Content) Merc 240D Motor Swap Yea or Nay?

    ISB 5.9 with a fat turbo. Spool and do 5th gear burn outs

    Or even better do an OM606 and build it to rev to 6k rpm


      Before I'd put a dime more than it costs in fuel to drive it to the scrap yard, go drive one - it will drive, turn and stop like shit- and then imagine it with a lot more power and a you with a lighter wallet...3 years from now.
      You say "Where are your other two cylinders?"
      I say "Where's your other camshaft?"
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