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Car for sale questionable?

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    Car for sale questionable?

    Not trying to start anything or stir a pot, just really interested. This car on ebay is listed as an 86 and the vin is for an 86. But I have never seen a plastic bumper swapped car including the late model tails and rear valence. Has anyone seen this? I feel the entire rear panel and lower quarters would have to changed to do this or am I wrong?

    Those are late model quarters. Yeah thats fishy
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      check carfax

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        Carfax says it's a 86 with a small collision in 94.


          It is a strange bird. The window splines are chrome which would be from an early model, and the rear arches appear to be higher (judging distance from the fuel door to arch, and the car being level with similar wheel gap around), but the tails are late. It's actually popular to retro-fit the apron, even seen Catuned do it on a build, so that's no indication. Seller states in the ad that it was a "full late model conversion".

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            Ask him if he has pictures of the seam joints inside the rear wheel wells where the lower rear valance was stitch welded to the old body. That'll tell you how good the conversion was done.
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