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$100 box of goodies. (pics inside)

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    $100 box of goodies. (pics inside)

    ok, i was sold everything here except for the manifold for $100. My friend was moving and wanted to get rid of it. I need some help here with identification of what everything is and if anyone can tell what type of turbos these are. there are two of them just different angles. both say IHI but he swears one is a garret. i really hope someone can tell me what all i have so i know what else i need to get for the eventual m10 build. if you need any more pics of the turbos let me know.
    cheers guys

    twin turbos from a dodge stealth, inter cooler from a starion/conquest, turbo diesel exhaust manifold, bosch blow off/diverter valve, and misc stuff
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      actually the manifold is a dinan made for the e30 m10, now i am not sure if your other guesses were right. i would like a break down of all the pics so i can make a list of what i have and what i still need. The turbos are also off 2 different makes of cars i was told, different sizes too.


        unless you are needing something with emissions exemption, you might want to look into a turbo header from good-n-tight.
        we used to warranty the crap out of the ihi turbos on the stealth's when i worked at dodge. if you wire the waste gate open they will make 23lbs of boost though.

        sell the dinan to someone in Cali who needs the emission exemption
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          The cross-hatched hoses look like volvo stuff, some off the boost hoses and oil/coolant lines look like old audi stuff and the bpv I beleive to be of saab origin. I've a similar box in my garage, I wonder if I could get $100 for it?


            i know

            its old but i am hoping i can identify the turbos, i believe its a good start towards a build


              Take some better pics of the writing and serial #'s or transcribe them here.


                heres what is stamped on the turbo's

                TURBO 1
                IHI turbo
                Turbo Spec-VJ11 9101
                Serial Number RHB5 25076 A
                Parts Number-F220 B

                and stamped in a different spot is

                TURBO 2
                IHI Turbo
                Turbo Spec-VF 28603
                Serial Number-RHB5 17125 A
                Parts Number 14412AA002

                and stamped in a different spot is

                I hope this will give someone enough info to tell me exactly what i have here.
                thanks guys



                  i did a little research and found that the ihi VJ11 is obviously not very powerful but spools quickly, its out of a mx6 or probe is in the 140kW range, the other is an ihi VF28 and is larger makes somewhere in the low 200kW range and is used in a lot of WRX's rallyimg. anybody know anything else?


                    Garbage parts....the only thing worth anything is MAYBE the manifold for a low power m10 setup.
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                      might be garbage

                      but this is all i have to work with for now, i have 3 babies under 3 and money for the car isnt first priority, so now that i know its crap, tell me how i can put it to use on my m10. i dont want a monster, i just want to make it more fun. which turbo should i use on the m10, the vj11 or the vf28? help me out a bit here. I also have a 89 325i project car on the go, one of the turbos will at least give it some more power.


                        use the one with the least amount of shaft play unless you plan on doing a rebuild.
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                          Do a rebuild anyways - it's like $70 for a rebuild kit. And make friends with someone who can fabricate.

                          Find out what car the turbo's came from - buy the manifold and downpipe from that car. Cut off their flanges and use them to weld to the downpipe your welding friend can make you and the manifold (if it's flange doesnt already fit).

                          Also grab the donor car's oil lines for their flanges (all this stuff you can usually grab from a yard for like $50 in total)

                          Buy some piping with an assortment of bends for boost tubing. Have your welding friend weld up a bung for your DV and a pre-turbo bung for the DV to recirculate the air into.

                          Buy an oil feed and return line. Have welding friend use donor car stock oil line flanges to fab up adapters so they'll bolt to the turbo and accept your new lines. Also have him cut a hole and weld a bung to your oil pan for the oil return line to attach to.

                          Find out how to attach oil feed line. On my VW theres just a block bolt on top of the oil filter housing you unscrew and the feed line actually screws right into it.

                          These are all basics to a junkyard turbo kit.

                          What you'll need to research is the amount of boost you can run on your stock injectors. You'll also need some turbo software...(and possibly better injectors to match the software.) I'm not really sure what's out there. I'm new to BMW's. But I've built a couple junkyard turbo kits for my VW's.

                          Good news is, that IC you have flows pretty well for a stock unit.

                          Also, measure it's inlet and outlet diameters - they're probably the same. 2 1/4 I'd bet. You should probably buy 2 1/4" boost tubing also.

                          + Silicone adapters
                          + GOOD Hose clamps - (I had home depot ones at first and was blowing off boost tubes at only 7psi)
                          + Section of Flex Pipe for your DP to Cat section

                          Check out how much power the stock clutch unit can handle too and either stay within it's capacity or upgrade it.


                            rebuild kit

                            where can i buy a rebuild kit? i am interested in doing that. also should i strengthen any internals when i rebuild or keep it stock since the turbo is small


                              Originally posted by backtrail69 View Post
                              Garbage parts....the only thing worth anything is MAYBE the manifold for a low power m10 setup.
                              I was gonna say.. looks like a box of junk to me. :(
                              Build thread